Michael’s Project

Michael Trigiani has been interested in motor cycles since he was very young. At the age of four he learned how to ride and maintain dirt bikes. By the age of eight Michael became interested in the building of peddle bikes. He would purchase old peddle bikes from the recycle center and local garage sales, take them apart and build new bikes. As he got older he would build frames that he could add  small engines to.

By the time Michael was thirteen he was ready for bigger and better things. He was introduced to Tony, the owner of CJ Cycles Inc. Tony decided to let Michael come into the shop on weekends and observe the business. This was exciting for Michael and a great teaching opportunity for Tony.

As time went on, Michael learned more and more and began to help out in the shop. A years after starting at CJ Cycles Michael decided he wanted to build his own motor cycle . Since he was only fourteen his only way of making money was to cut grass, shovel snow and  do chores around the house. Every dollar Michael made went towards his bike and on his fifteenth birthday Tony hired Michael to work after school, weekends and on summer holidays.

Tony worked side by side with Michael guiding him through the steps of building his first motor cycle. After many long nights, Michael finally finished his bike and with time to spare. Michael wont be sixteen until August!

Michael would like to take this opportunity to thank Tony for all his time and patience over the last three years. Michael says, “ I have learned so much from him. He truly is my mentor. If anyone is thinking of a career in motor cycles, they should talk to Tony he is the best of the best!”